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About Our Academy

Grand Piano

Music Lessons in Your Home

We are a San Diego music academy that offers in home music lessons to kids and adults of all ages. Most everyone you have met, at one time or another, played a musical instrument or sang. Besides teaching new students, we also desire to "wake up those folks" who use to play or sing. David Moyer, our Director of Operations, calls it "The Rip Van Winkle" syndrome. We also offer lessons in our studios located through out San Diego County.


All new students get a one time FREE 30 minute lesson! We believe "you gotta try on the shoes before you buy 'em." So CLICK HERE , enter your information, and we'll contact you to schedule your completely FREE 30 minute in home music lesson. Remember to give us a call afterwards to let us know how much fun you had at your lesson!

Cathi and David Moyer, Directors of Operation

David and Cathi Moyer
Directors of Operation

Our Mission

Music Should be Fun!

We bring fun through music to your home or in your school.

We Play Together

We teach students to express themselves through music and we instruct them how to play with others as well as how to be soloists.


We instruct students in how to become artists by allowing their creativity to flow. Everyone has their own sound and we look forward to helping you find yours.